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Three Things to Check During Your First Car Service

Buying a new car is an exciting experience and a worthy investment, depending on its purpose. For hassle-free driving adventures, it is necessary to care for your vehicle. For this reason, servicing your new wheels after purchase is essential.

If you are a new car owner from California, check out South Sacramento Smog for your service needs. One situation you do not want to find yourself in is skipping regular service checks. For optimal engine performance and extended life, get your vehicle serviced in time. With this information in mind, here are three things that you need to do during the initial service check.

I. Vehicle Inspection

Just like any new purchase, you have to assess your car’s condition. For this action, you can get a mechanic or dealer that you trust to run a complete car inspection. The assessment is used to determine the state of the automobile and make sure everything is in order.

The mechanic will conduct an electrical and mechanical inspection. The electrical test is done using an onboard diagnostic tool. For the mechanical check, he/she will inspect the drive train and suspension system. Once all the tests are complete, the mechanic will note down his/her findings and list items that may require replacing.

II. Service Kit

Your first automobile service is going to be costly but better safe than sorry. As a new owner, create a file for your ride. The purpose of the file is to help sum up service expenses from the start. Since the first servicing session is extensive, be ready to get several items and parts replaced. For instance, you may be advised to replace your spark plugs, brake pads, air filter, oil/lube, and other items that are faulty or not functioning well. The service should last 6-8 months before going for the next one.

III. Condition of the Shock Absorbers

Your mechanic may suggest replacing items like the shock absorbers. In such a case, insist on getting durable, heavy-duty shock absorbers. Avoid cheap shocks because they are less durable and develop issues after twelve months or less.

If you desire to raise your car’s height, get springs, and avoid spacers at all costs. Many insurance firms are likely to refuse insurance coverage for vehicles fitted with spacers since they are known to affect your car’s center of gravity.

Other things that you should check include the state of the wheels and the paint job. If you want to rejuvenate the color, take your car to a reputable paint shop. Once the service is complete, you can peacefully begin your driving endeavors.