How to Prepare A Car for A Long Road Trip

Long road trips are some of the activities that can help you relax or bond with friends and family during your leisure time. However, some mechanical breakdowns with your car while on the trip can quickly spoil the whole fun of the tool tour 2012 trip or any other kind of trip. That is why it is important to ensure that your car is in a perfect condition before you hit the road. Here below are some of the ways on how to prepare a car for a long road trip;


Load Capacity

Most cars normally have their load capacity indicated at the drivers’ door placard. On your trip, avoid overloading the car beyond its specified weight limit. Loading the car with the designated weight will make it more manageable and less prone to accidents.

Check The Engine Oil

repairmanNobody wants to run short of oil on an exciting road trip. To avoid such a challenge make sure you check the engine oil level before you leave. To be on the safe side, always see to it that the engine oil is close to the full mark level. If your car is the kind that guzzles a good amount of oil, carrying some extra engine oil will be of help to you. Remember also to get an oil change if the one in the engine has the dirt from the old used oil.

Inspect The Brake Pads

Check to see if your car brake pads are in good order. If they are worn out, you can have them replaced to enjoy a smooth ride on your trip.

Check Battery Condition

If your car battery has been used for more than three years, you will need to do a thorough check up on it. This will be to check out for corroded terminals, acid leaks, or cracks. If you find that the battery has these problems, the best solution would be acquiring a new battery for a safe and convenient ride all the way.

Observe the Air Pressure

A tire without enough air pressure can be a great inconvenience to your journey. Thus, before you set on your trip ensure that you check that the tire pressure is the max. Also, don’t forget to check the spare tire pressure because you may seriously need it on your way.

Check The Lights & The Signals

The lights and the signals of the car are quite an important part of driving safely throughout your trip. Hence, before embarking on your journey, you need to ensure that the headlights are in good shape. Doing it with a friend to observe as you run the tests will make the procedure easier and more effective. Carrying extra bulbs on a long road trip is also usually an important part of preparation.

Carry All Your Emergency Equipment

It is always important to check that your emergency equipment is functional and packed in the car before you leave for the trip. The equipment box should contain; puncture repair tools, screwdrivers, flashlights, spanner, pliers, and a medical kit.